Requirements and Guidelines for Suppliers, Vendors, and Contractors

Background Check
If a supplier is providing services to customer, the supplier shall comply with the background check requirements. view details

Business Continuity Plan
Kaiser Permanente requires each supplier to maintain and routinely test a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan to ensure appropriate and timely recovery of services to Kaiser Permanente during times of business interruption. view details

Computer System Access
If a supplier will have access to Kaiser Permanente's computer system to perform services, then the supplier shall comply with the computer system access requirements. view details

Data Security Requirements
Suppliers must comply with Kaiser Permanente's Data Security Requirements if supplier will be accessing, generating, processing, hosting, or storing* personally identifiable information, data, or records relating to any patient, member, employee, or contractor of any Kaiser Permanente entity. ( * Examples include application management, data processing, hosting, or system integration services.) view details

Distribution and Transportation Guide
Learn more about the distribution, transportation, and packaging requirements for doing business with Kaiser Permanente. view details

Drug Screening
Upon request, supplier will comply with Kaiser Permanente's drug screening requirements. view details

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)
Consistent with Kaiser Permanente’s goal to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente requires each supplier to review and comply with the applicable provisions of the Kaiser Permanente Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Principles and Standards (EPP). view details

Federal Flowdown Requirements
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and its health plan subsidiaries have entered into contracts with the U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management and The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that require certain federal contract provisions be made a part of any subsequent agreement with vendors, contractors and suppliers who provide services to support these Federal contracts. Each supplier providing services is required to review and, where applicable, comply with the Kaiser Permanente Federal Flowdown Requirements. view detail

GS1® Healthcare Requirements for Vendors, Contractors and Suppliers
Kaiser Permanente supports the implementation of the GS1® Device Identification System in the health care industry as the standardized system for marking medical devices with unique device identifiers. Each supplier of medical devices to Kaiser Permanente shall comply with the GS1® Healthcare Requirements for vendors, contractors, and suppliers. view details.

Health Screening Requirements
If a supplier is providing services at a facility in which in-person patient care is provided to Kaiser Permanente patients, then supplier will comply with the Kaiser Permanente health screening requirements. view details

Healthy Picks
Coffee carts, kiosks, food trucks, and catering vendors all must comply with Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Picks program. View details

Invoice and Accounts Payable Requirements
In order to facilitate timely and accurate payment of invoices, Kaiser Permanente requires vendors, contractors and suppliers to comply with the Kaiser Permanente Invoice and Accounts Payable Requirements. Failure to follow these requirements may lead to processing delays or the non-payment of invoices. view details

National Supplier Visitation Policy
Kaiser Permanente’s National Materials Leadership Team, with representation from all Kaiser Regions, has developed the following visitation policy for Supplier Representatives of medical and non-medical equipment, supplies, and non-provider services. view details

Non-Endorsement Guidelines For Vendors, Contractors And Suppliers
Vendors often want to issue press releases announcing contracts that they have entered into with Kaiser Permanente. These press releases, often released with KFHP or PMG consent, have the potential to lead to litigation and liability for Kaiser Permanente when it appears that the vendor has received Kaiser Permanente's endorsement. view details

Payment Card Industry Data Security
If supplier’s services include processing, storing, using or transmitting payment cardholder data, then supplier will comply with the Kaiser Permanente Payment Card Industry Data Security Requirements. view details

Quality Assurance Program
If the supplier is providing goods or services to Kaiser Permanente that are used in a licensed or accredited health care facility, the supplier shall participate in the Kaiser Permanente Quality Assurance Program. view details

Site Access and Visitation
If a supplier is providing services at a customer facility, the supplier must comply with all applicable security, access, safety, and fire protection regulations, Kaiser Permanente policies and procedures, and all applicable state and municipal safety regulations, building codes or ordinances while performing the services under the services agreement, including, as applicable, the Supplier Visitation Policy. view details

Solution Delivery Life Cycle Requirements
All Kaiser Permanente IT vendors, contractors and suppliers who provide IT solutions are required to comply with Kaiser Permanente's standard for quality IT solution delivery, based on the Solution Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) defined framework and affiliated sub-processes. view details

Supplier Diversity
Kaiser Permanente has a long standing commitment to supplier diversity. We recognize the benefits of inclusion and strives to ensure that minority, women and veteran-owned businesses (each a “diverse supplier”) are provided the maximum practical opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts. Our commitment extends to the prime suppliers with whom we do business. Accordingly, we encourage our suppliers to award subcontracts and/or utilize diverse suppliers where such usage is consistent with the efficient performance of their agreement with Kaiser Permanente and without compromise of quality and reliability expectations. view details

If a supplier is a diverse supplier, then the supplier must register with Kaiser Permanente on the Kaiser Permanente Supplier Diversity portal. If Kaiser Permanente's purchases under than agreement exceed $550,000, then the supplier should also complete the Second Tier Supplier Diversity Form. This form should be completed as of the effective date of the agreement unless the supplier submitted a disclosure within 12 months prior to the effective date and that disclosure remains substantially accurate. The form should be updated promptly following any subsequent disclosure requests. view details

Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Goods and Services
This downloadable Kaiser Permanente Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Goods and Services document (the “Terms and Conditions”) applies to Purchase Orders which incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions, unless the parties have agreed in writing to use other terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions also apply to written agreements which incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions. view details

Travel and Expense Guidelines
If Kaiser Permanente has agreed in the agreement or Statement of Work (SOW), as applicable, to reimburse supplier’s travel and associated expenses, then the supplier must comply with the Travel and Expense Guidelines. view details

Vendor Code of Conduct
Kaiser Permanente upholds high ethical standards in its business practices, and our vendors play an integral role in making this happen. The Vendor Code of Conduct contains the minimum standards by which a supplier is expected to conduct itself when providing services to Kaiser Permanente. view details


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