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What is eSettlements and How to gain access

The Onelink Supplier Portal – eSettlements is a free of cost web portal for all of Kaiser suppliers, where they can submit their invoices electronically. In addition to invoice submission all the below can be performed as well:

  • View up-to-date information about invoice(s) including payment status/information
  • View dispatched Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Request Early Payments on submitted approved invoices
  • Receive the following automated email notifications:
    • Invoice Load – No Errors: Notifies you with a list of recently submitted Kaiser invoices which have been successfully processed.
    • Invoice Load – Errors: Notifies you with a list of recently submitted Kaiser invoices that contain errors.
    • Payment Create and Cancel: Notifies you when a payment is either made or cancelled to your company. The email contains: the payment reference number, payment date and a list of the invoice numbers being paid.
    • Invoice/Voucher Approval: Notifies you when an invoice is approved. The email contains a list of the recently approved invoice(s). Please note the invoices listed on the notification are also eligible for early payment.
    • Match Exception: Notifies you when a submitted PO related invoice has been flagged with a match exception
  • Invoice submission:
    • Enter Individual Invoices   And/Or
    • Submit Multiple invoices at a time via Spreadsheet Upload
      • The Spreadsheet Upload feature is the processing of XML .txt files. In order to utilize this feature suppliers MUST utilize the Excel Loader tool. Please note this will be an XML invoice submission with no capability of attaching images.
  • Brokers Only: Enroll and/or Update electronic banking payment information (ACH)
    • Effective 9/20/2021 all requests for banking updates via ACH will now be managed via the new KPVM portal and no longer via the eSettlements portal. The exception is for Brokers, Brokers will continue to use the eSettlements portal for any banking changes until further notice.

How to gain access

Your company will have to designate a person(s) to act on behalf of the company as the Supplier Administrator(s) for the company’s portal account. The designated Administrator(s) will have the ability to grant access to additional people within the company in addition to being able to perform all the tasked mentions above. You may identify as many as three Administrators.

Please provide the below information to

  1. The name(s) and email address of the designated person(s) to be the Supplier Administrator(s) for the company.

Note: The email must be unique for each person.

  1. Company Legal Name and DBA (if applicable)
  2. Company Federal Tax ID, if a Sole Proprietorship please provide the last 4 of the SS number
  3. Your Supplier ID Numbers (if known)
  4. Bill Only access is a separate eSettlements access request used specifically for suppliers providing goods or services during a case in the operating room. Will you need Administrator access to enter Bill Only Requests? Yes or No

Once we receive the above information, we will email the designated Administrator(s) with a self-registration link and include all training materials. Please allow 24-72 hours to receive the registration link.

Guided Learning

In addition to the job aids and videos provided here, check out Guided Learning – OneLink’s on-demand step-by-step training tool.

To use Guided Learning:

  1. Click on the information icon on the OneLink homepage to access a list of interactive guides.
  2. Find the desired guide by using a keyword search, e.g., “invoice” and select the guide.
  3. Once you start a guide, simply follow the step-by-step instructions for the OneLink transaction.