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Impact Spending: Environmental, Economic, Social

Impact Spending

Impact Spending leverages Kaiser Permanente’s purchasing power to build healthy, equitable, and sustainable economies. We ensure Kaiser Permanente’s spending decisions are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially equitable. We target spend in our communities to address economic and environmental disparities, ultimately creating positive health outcomes.

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Healthy Picks

Kaiser Permanente is a health care organization that subscribes to healthy eating as a foundation of our Total Health vision. Kaiser Permanente Healthy Picks program has the goal of improving the health of our members, employees, communities and the environment by increasing access to fresh, healthy food in and around our facilities.

Healthy Picks creates an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice. The Healthy Picks Program defines healthy food options in food venues throughout Kaiser Permanente, including patient menus, cafeteria, vending machines, catering, conferences, smart markets, food kiosks, coffee carts, gift shops and farmers markets.

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Contingent Worker

Vendors providing Contingent Workers, (Temporary Contractors, Independent Contractors, Consultants, Offshore Workers, Offsite Service Workers, and On-Premises Service Workers etc.) with access to Kaiser Permanente systems must complete training and follow the operational requirements outlined below to ensure appropriate access and that contingent workers NUIDs are terminated in a timely manner in the event of early or unplanned cessation of work.

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