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Bill Only

What is Bill Only?


KP’s Supplier Portal is where you can now go to request a bill only PO. No more paper receipt handoffs or emails to hospital staff.  Now you can easily submit your bill only request and have full visibility of the order status through final payment.

As soon as you submit a request it is going to electronically match against the KP EHR and automatically dispatch a PO within three days of the surgery date. Why three days after the surgery? Because our surgery logs may get updates and we want to give every opportunity for the order to flow through without additional processing.

Access to the portal is free! Using it you can expect:

  • A significant decrease in the time it takes to receive a PO
  • Payment within your contracted payment terms
  • Full order transparency
  • Better cash flow
  • The most reliable and easy to use bill only portal in the industry.
  1. on-line entry per case, or
  2. bulk uploading of many cases.

We recommend bulk uploading to those suppliers who have good data collection at the point of care and have a centralized customer service department. For those suppliers who don’t have a central customer service department we offer the individual order request.

Please contact Matthew Freede at if you would like more information on the program or would like consultation on how to get started.

Guided Learning

In addition to the job aids and videos provided here, check out Guided Learning – OneLink’s on-demand step-by-step training tool.

To use Guided Learning:

  1. Click on the information icon on the OneLink homepage to access a list of interactive guides.
  2. Using the keyword search, “bill only” and select the guide.

Once you start a guide, simply follow the step-by-step instructions for the OneLink transaction.

Need access to the KP Supplier Portal? Click here for information.