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Kaiser Permanente Washington Pharmaceutical Vendor Information

We value the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry in the delivery of care to our patients, and have implemented the Managed Healthcare Representatives’ Association (MHRA) to oversee our pharmaceutical vendor engagement. Vendors are expected to adhere to all MHRA policies. For enrollment information, email

Note: All pharmaceutical industry representatives (PIRs), and their associated contracted vendors who have potential interaction with Kaiser Permanente Washington, must register with our Managed Healthcare Representatives’ Association.

Vendor access with Kaiser Permanente Washington is contingent on the representatives’ compliance with the following policies and procedures.

On-site pharmaceutical vendor check-in

Renton campus:

We require all vendors to register at the security desk upon arrival.

Other facilities:

We require all vendors to register by calling the security line at 206-630-1330 (open 24/7) just prior to visiting.

All PIR’s must provide the following information to security at check-in:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Name of staff member you are meeting with
  • Appointment start and end time

Vendor requirements:

  • ID Badge: All vendors must wear a company-issued ID (badge or business card) that is visible at all times while on any Kaiser Permanente Washington property.
  • Appointments: All contact with staff will be via appointments only. All appointments are to be made by phone or email. Absolutely no cold calling or loitering.
  • Restricted Areas: All areas on our properties are considered restricted access areas.

If you are asked by a member of our staff for your ID and/or purpose inside our facilities, please comply. Failure to comply is a policy violation and may result in an investigation.


For registration and inquiries, email

MHRA Council 2023-2025

Walter Sidles

Industry Co-Chairperson
Brant Campanian

Industry Co-Chairperson


Administrative Assistant

MHRA Policy