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Frequently Asked Questions

Many catering vendor questions are answered here.

What are the benefits to becoming a Kaiser Permanente Healthy Picks Catering vendor?

As a verified Healthy Picks vendor, you can rest assured that your menu items comply with our national policy for Food Purchased for Meetings and Events, a companywide policy for all Kaiser Permanente employees. Once your menu is complete, it will be listed on our internal intranet site by region and location, accessible to all Kaiser Permanente employees.

Why does Kaiser Permanente have a Healthy Catered Food Policy?

Kaiser Permanente supports our employees in making the healthy choice the easy choice. The food choices we make every day contribute to our overall health. Excess calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat can increase one’s risk for high cholesterol, prediabetes and diabetes, and high blood pressure. We hope to provide a healthier environment for all by ensuring catered meals at Kaiser Permanente offer a variety of healthy and delicious food. After all, taking care of others starts with taking care of ourselves.

What is the process for becoming a Kaiser Permanente Healthy Picks Catering vendor

  • The first step to become an approved catering vendor is to complete the Healthy Catering Vendor Application
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the details of the Healthy Picks criteria, which emphasize ingredients such as whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and sustainable sourcing whenever possible.
  • Compare your current menu to the criteria and look for any changes that need to be made to comply. Utilize the Healthy Catering Vendor Toolkit for menu suggestions, Healthy Picks product lists, and more.
  • Submit your completed application, along with the proposed Healthy Picks menu and any supporting information to

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

The time it takes for applications to be processed depends on how much or little your menu needs to be changed to comply with the Healthy Picks criteria. If your menu already has full nutrient analysis, and if you have taken all the steps to create a menu that meets the criteria, then it may only take a couple of weeks to finalize.

How do you promote the names of Healthy Picks catering vendors internally at Kaiser Permanente so my efforts to create this special menu will gain traction?

As an organization with over 200,000 employees in eight regions, our promotional efforts will vary based on location. We encourage you to connect with your local Kaiser Permanente contact to learn about potential marketing opportunities. Many locations will host tasting events to promote new caterers or will send out regular newsletters with updates on menus to staff.

Do meeting planners at Kaiser Permanente have to order off of the Healthy Picks catering menu?

We encourage you to help with our efforts to make the healthy choice the easy choice by promoting the Healthy Picks menu and steering your Kaiser Permanente customers away from menu items that are not in compliance.

Can I accept orders from my regular menu from Kaiser Permanente customers?

Yes, you can. However, we encourage you to remind your Kaiser Permanente customers that they can order healthy menu options.

I want to be sure my customers are happy. Is it okay to add in some cookies or sodas to an order, or pad the order to make sure there is enough food for everyone?

We appreciate your efforts to ensure excellent customer service. However, providing extra food is not expected or needed. In fact, we strongly discourage straying from the Healthy Picks menus, including serving sizes, to truly help our employees make healthy choices.

Do I need to use a special menu template or can I use my own menu design?

We recommend you continue to use your own branded menu design for your Healthy Picks menu. We have a Healthy Picks logo that you can add to your menu once it is approved.

I love my Healthy Picks menu and want to share it with other customers.  Am I allowed to do that?

Yes! As a healthcare organization our mission is to improve the lives of our members and the communities we serve. If you would like to offer your Healthy Picks menu to other customers and clients, we are more than happy to share.

More questions?

For additional questions regarding healthy catering, please contact the Healthy Workforce team at