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Prospective Suppliers

We strongly recommend all prospective suppliers and service providers register on our portal. Registration gives Kaiser Permanente decision makers access to your company’s information when conducting supplier searches. Be sure to update your registration annually.

NOTE: Registration in the supplier portal does not guarantee a business opportunity, place your company on an approved vendor list, or obligate Kaiser Permanente to solicit requests for bids, quotations or proposals.

When registering, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Your company’s basic business information
  • Certification documents to validate your diverse ownership
  • Marketing materials
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Kaiser Permanente requires all businesses to meet certain minimum qualifications.

What We Look for in Suppliers

  • More than 2 years in business
  • Share our goals, culture, and values
  • Outstanding quality and core competencies
  • Focus on creating value, improvements, and innovation
  • Communicate with integrity and honesty
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Competitive rates and total cost
  • Kaiser Permanente project work < 25% of your total annual revenue
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Construction Contractors and Subcontractors

Construction contractors and subcontractors must meet additional requirements, including participation in a pre-qualification process. Register your business in our National Facilities Services portal.

For more information about doing business in this area, please contact us.

Visit the National Facilities Services portal