Kaiser Permanente's Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Our National Supplier Diversity Mission

To provide minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and small businesses the most practical opportunity to participate in our contracting and subcontracting activities.

Kaiser Permanente purchases a wide variety of medical and nonmedical products and services. Our efforts to promote supplier diversity include but are not limited to training, participation in outreach activities, supplier referrals, and sharing of best practices.

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As demonstrated by the composition of our workforce and membership, Kaiser Permanente has a long tradition of supporting programs which foster diversity in our organization and in our communities. Our unwavering commitment to supplier diversity brings value to our health care operations and responds to the demographics of the environment in which we operate now and in the future.

We also believe in the contribution supplier diversity makes towards fueling the economic growth of our communities. Supplier diversity promotes competition and innovation, and ensures efficient economic allocation of resources. By providing small and diversity businesses with the most practical opportunity to be included in our contracting and subcontracting activities, we ensure that the dollars we spend contribute to the economic health of our communities and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Our supplier diversity staff partners with our employees, diversity suppliers, and external supplier associations to carry out our supplier diversity initiatives. We do this by providing training internally and externally, attending and promoting outreach events, researching opportunities for eligible diversity suppliers, and sharing best practices throughout our organization.

Through these efforts and many others, Kaiser Permanente promotes supplier diversity both within the company and within our communities. We believe a diverse supplier base will contribute to our ability to provide the best quality of health care to our members as well as improve the health of our communities.

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