OneLink Job Aids

These Job Aids provide step-by-step instructions on how to utilize Kaiser Permanente’s automated systems (including our OneLink ERP platform and the electronic signature program, DocuSign®) in the sourcing process from preparing to participate in an RFP through contract execution.

Bidder Self Registration
This Job Aid gives directions to an invited bidder on how to register to participate in a bid event. Please Note:  you will need to use the link provided to you in your bid invitation to access registration.

Enter Bid Using XML Upload Functionality
This Job Aid provides information on how to upload a response to a bid request using XML functionality, which provides the ability to transfer bid responses from an Excel spreadsheet to OneLink.

Enter Bid via Online Page
This Job Aid provides direction on how to upload bid responses directly to the online work page within OneLink.

Update RFx RFI Bid Response
This Job Aid provides instructions on how to edit an RFx  event during or after
submission (until the event end date/time).

Cancel a Bid
This Job Aid shows how to cancel a bid placed on an RFx event (which can be cancelled up to the event end date).

Bidder/Vendor Post Messages to Discussion Forum
This Job Aid provides instruction on how a Bidder/Vendor can post messages to the (Sourcing) Event Manager in the event discussion forum.

Collaboration by Vendor
This Job Aid demonstrates the process of successful collaboration on a submitted Vendor contract document.

Signing Vendor Contract Document by External Signers
This Job Aid documents the digital signature process for Vendors from receipt of signature request email through digital signature execution on contract document.